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Our Thanksgiving Shabbos Tradition

We didn’t live near any relatives when I was growing up, and since my mother doesn’t particularly enjoy cooking (I think her motto is something like “cook to survive”), Thanksgiving wasn’t ever a big to-do for us.  However, when my family moved to St. Louis twelve years ago, we found ourselves close to family, and… Continue reading Our Thanksgiving Shabbos Tradition

Women Who Inspire Us

Women Who Inspire Us #7: My aunt

Today’s post is the seventh in the Women Who Inspire Us Series.  You can read the previous posts here.  You may also want to subscribe to my RSS feed, or “like” my Facebook page to catch the upcoming posts.  As always, if you would like to share your inspiration by participating in the series, please… Continue reading Women Who Inspire Us #7: My aunt


Why gating the kitchen is great idea, or, the day I took my stove apart

It’s been really hot lately.  So hot that my usual getting-out-of-the-house activities are not an option. Going for a walk? No thank you. Playing in the park? Not unless I want heat stroke. Other (free) indoor activities, such as going to the grocery store or library, haven’t panned out so well, as I haven’t always… Continue reading Why gating the kitchen is great idea, or, the day I took my stove apart


Getting some Mommy Me-time

I never used to be a homebody.  The minute I walked through the door I was itching to get out!  A coffee shop, a concert, a jam session, whatever.  I loved to be around people, action, excitement.  You could say I thrived on it. Now, by the end of the day, I’m hearing the call… Continue reading Getting some Mommy Me-time


Around the Web and Pictures of the Week

[Amusing sidenote:  I wrote this on Friday and totally thought I published it.  Not sure what happened there.] Well, it’s really crunch time now.  In less than two weeks, the movers are coming.  I’m trying to tie up loose ends and get everything in boxes, etc. So, I’m feeling a little blah about doing a… Continue reading Around the Web and Pictures of the Week


Around the Web and Picture(s) of the Week: Standing Genes?

Happy Friday!  Since most of you are probably busy getting ready for Shabbos, I thought I would provide a few highlights from posts I found over the week which I enjoyed, and I hope you do, too. Over at A Mother in Israel, Hannah asks about submission in marriage – how and when is it… Continue reading Around the Web and Picture(s) of the Week: Standing Genes?


Redefining Homemaker

Some of you may be aware that I’m a fan of traditionalism in marriage, and that I can be a little old-fashioned at times.  After reading my friend Chavi’s guest post, I realized that even though I do think that the traditional model has a lot of merit, I don’t fit quite so neatly into… Continue reading Redefining Homemaker

Perspectives of Marriage

Living outside of stereotypes

Chavi Cohen is a young mother of two, living in Cleveland, Ohio.  A Harvard graduate with a penchant for reading through meals and seeking out intellectual stimulation, she’s always trying to find a happy medium between mommy and me.  On her blog Harvard Housewife she writes about connecting to herself, her friends and family, and… Continue reading Living outside of stereotypes


Little Man is two today!

It’s true!  Today is Little Man’s second birthday.  He was born on inauguration day.  Here’s  bit of weird trivia:  Our other baby was born in September, but at the exact time that former president Jimmy Carter was in the hospital – the same hospital, mind you – for a little health scare on his book… Continue reading Little Man is two today!


What’s your take: Who’s your go-to person for your parenting questions

So I added this poll back in November, and it just kind of quietly hung out on the sidebar, waiting to be noticed.  Here are the results of that noticing: Running things past mom (or dad, maybe) is a clear winner in this case.  I think it’s kind of nice that there is still the… Continue reading What’s your take: Who’s your go-to person for your parenting questions