What Is The Point Of Social Media?

I got up this morning when my alarm went off (okay, I hit snooze once, which, for me, is essentially the same getting up immediately) and for the first time in what feels like years, but is actually just a couple weeks, I was awake while the rest off the house was quiet. Sipping my… Continue reading What Is The Point Of Social Media?


Why Going Places With a Toddler Is Actually The Best

I had lunch with a friend today. It was splendid, absolutely something I should do more often. My two-year-old finishes his playgroup around lunchtime, so I picked up him before I went to the bagel shop to meet my friend. He’s a happy, busy little guy, and while we waited for my friend to come, he… Continue reading Why Going Places With a Toddler Is Actually The Best


On Endings and Beginnings

Seventeen days That’s all the time we have left in Charm City. The movers are coming on the 24th to pack all our possessions into boxes, and they will return on the 25th to load those boxes, and our furniture, into a big, probably enormous, truck. We’ll pack our children and immediately needed possessions into… Continue reading On Endings and Beginnings

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

Using social media in a positive way, part one

Recently, Ima 2 Seven posted about an article she had read on MavenMall.com where a social media mommy was on the verge of cutting the internet out of her home.  As a response to the article, Chana Jenny at Jewishmom.com shared how she has developed healthy limits for internet use. Reading these posts made me… Continue reading Using social media in a positive way, part one

Women Who Inspire Us

New series: Women Who Inspire Us

Have you ever been just wowed by someone you know?  A seemingly ordinary, average woman, who acts in an extraordinary, above-average way?  I’ve been wowed.  Many times. I know women so patient and loving with their kids that I secretly wonder if they’re actually mere mortals.  I know women who are able to make an… Continue reading New series: Women Who Inspire Us

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

Please Help a Friend in Need

A girl I know from seminary recently lost everything she owns in an apartment fire.  Like, everything.  She came home to see fire trucks parked outside her building, and then the worst-case scenario (you know, the one we all think of when we see fire trucks near our house) came true.  Thank G-d, she is… Continue reading Please Help a Friend in Need

Torah Tuesdays

Torah Tuesdays: Choose who you become

I’d like to thank my toddler for napping and my baby for entertaining himself, which is how I had time to write today’s Torah Tuesdays post.  Boys, you’re the best! I was looking at some notes I took from a class on Koheles  (Ecclesiastes) that I took with Rebetzin Heller, back in the day when… Continue reading Torah Tuesdays: Choose who you become

Perspectives of Marriage

Discovering my BFF

Here it is!  The first post in the Perspectives of Marriage series.  Enjoy! Juliya Sheynman is a marketing professional with most of her experience working with Jewish non-profits. A first time Mama – constantly Googling everything from weight average for infants to croupy coughs and colored poopies – she now shares her Mamale questions, dilemmas… Continue reading Discovering my BFF


The dishes can wait

I had a major headache today.  You know, the kind that you can feel coming on a few days in advance.  Yeah, one of those. Unfortunately, I was a little too busy to take it easy.  Also, my husband was out-of-town Sunday night, which always messes up my schedule.  As in, I stay up way… Continue reading The dishes can wait