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Top o’ the fridge to you

I’ve only been married for about two-and-a-half years, so I’m still getting the hang of this whole “domestic maven” thing.  I mean, who knew that an apartment inhabited only by a wife, husband and toddler could get so dirty?  Where does this dirt come from?  I don’t remember inviting it in. One thing which I’m… Continue reading Top o’ the fridge to you


Maternity clothes – to buy or to borrow

One of the many, many things I love about being in the Orthodox community is the massive amount of lending that occurs between friends, acquaintances and, well, everyone.  There are these things called gemachs (an acronym for gemilus chasadim, which translates roughly to “acts of kindness”) where you can get all sorts of things, often… Continue reading Maternity clothes – to buy or to borrow

Home stuff

How to be green without really meaning to

I’m not that worried about the environment, or my carbon footprint, or renewable energy.  Despite my apathy, I have noticed that I’m doing a pretty good job of being green.  This greenery mainly developed through frugality, or necessity.  Check it out: 1) Walking practically everywhere. Why I do it: We only have one car, and… Continue reading How to be green without really meaning to

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

Making Do and Being Happy

It’s that time of year to do shopping. Lots and lots of shopping. I hear about it on the radio, I see the ads online, I listen to my friends and family as they rush toward zero hour. It makes me think about being satisfied with the possessions we have. I’m not just saying this… Continue reading Making Do and Being Happy