Torah Tuesdays

Torah Tuesdays: Get good directions

Last night I got all turned around as I was attempting to locate a new babysitter’s house.  I had printed off directions from Mapquest, but, as it happens sometimes, they weren’t entirely clear.  To be fair, Mapquest has nice little clues like “such-and-such street comes before the street you want” and “if you passed this-or-that… Continue reading Torah Tuesdays: Get good directions


Thwarted, or, I need a GPS

Last Monday I thought it would be fun to take Little Man to the beach.  There are supposedly some nice beaches along the shore of Lake Erie, and I did buy him a nice, reusable swim diaper, and the weather was appropriately warm for such an activity, and it might not be good weather for… Continue reading Thwarted, or, I need a GPS