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Guest Post: Necessity is the Mother

Much thanks to today’s guest poster, Joan Oliver Emmer, who blogs about her life as a Trophy Wife at Body of Work. I was pleased to figure out a way to avoid the trauma of stepping on the scale at the doctor’s office the other day.  While I’m not TERRIBLY unhappy with my weight, it’s not… Continue reading Guest Post: Necessity is the Mother


Around the Web and Pictures of the Week

[Amusing sidenote:  I wrote this on Friday and totally thought I published it.  Not sure what happened there.] Well, it’s really crunch time now.  In less than two weeks, the movers are coming.  I’m trying to tie up loose ends and get everything in boxes, etc. So, I’m feeling a little blah about doing a… Continue reading Around the Web and Pictures of the Week

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OMG I’m on KOAB!

I am over the moon to have a guest post today on Kosher on a  Budget, which is one of my absolute favorite blogs.  Ever. Really, if you haven’t clicked on one of those links yet, do it now!  There are loads of great posts about saving money, budgeting, a coupon database, links to sales,… Continue reading OMG I’m on KOAB!