Torah Tuesdays

Torah Tuesdays: An “A” for Effort

“If you’re using bitachon when you should be using hishtadlus, that’s not real bitachon.” – heard at Neve. One of my posts in late December prompted a great discussion with my friend, Sarah, which made me think a little bit about the concept of hishtadlus.  This past Shabbos, in Zman magazine, I read an amazing… Continue reading Torah Tuesdays: An “A” for Effort


Eggplant Parmesan, or something like it

I’ve been married for nearly three years (our anniversary is next month!), and it’s only in recent months that I’ve mustered up the courage to, wait for it, make food without following a recipe.  My cookbooks were my lifeline to making edible food.  Without guidelines to follow, I felt all panicky and insecure.  How long… Continue reading Eggplant Parmesan, or something like it


Have a newborn? Try Cumulative Sleeping

As anyone who has ever had a newborn will attest, sleep is a rare, precious commodity.  When nursing either on a schedule or on demand, it can feel like every time you turn around, the baby needs to be fed again.  And again.  And again. In addition to the seemingly endless cycle of feeding, there… Continue reading Have a newborn? Try Cumulative Sleeping

Torah Tuesdays

Torah Tuesdays: Who’s in control?

This topic is kind of a trend with me lately (must be some sort of pregnancy side effect).  I was searching for something on the topic of Sukkos, and I found this video on  While the video itself wasn’t exactly my taste, it did bring forth a message which I really feel strongly right… Continue reading Torah Tuesdays: Who’s in control?


the Prenatal Predicament

When I was expecting Little Man, I was pretty good about remembering to take my prenatal vitamins.  Those big, gnarly pills ensured that my baby was getting all the nutrients necessary to grow big and strong.  Right? This pregnancy, practically every time I have taken those mammoth pills, I have yakked.  Strong, horrid waves of… Continue reading the Prenatal Predicament


Staying in Shape after (and before) baby

Many women struggle with weight gain during pregnancy, and then find it very difficult to shed the excess pounds once the new little one is in the world.  Babies can be very demanding, and for people whose inclination is not toward exercise (like yours truly), it makes it an even more daunting challenge.  Feeling frustrated… Continue reading Staying in Shape after (and before) baby