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How To Combat Burnout

“I feel burnout comes as a result of consistent over-simulation.” -Dinesh Paliwal Raise your hand if you are feeling really, really tired of the new normal. I’m trying to write this post as my baby is fussing in her high chair and my five-year-old is actively leaning against me, asking for the umpteenth time if… Continue reading How To Combat Burnout


Getting stuff done with a newborn

Hi! Welcome to my blog! Maybe you came to find out how on earth you can get anything done with a newborn at home, but you are certainly welcome to stay and read a little more about the truth about feeding small children, maybe get a little inspired by a shift in perspective, or just laugh about the time I had… Continue reading Getting stuff done with a newborn

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

Please Help a Friend in Need

A girl I know from seminary recently lost everything she owns in an apartment fire.  Like, everything.  She came home to see fire trucks parked outside her building, and then the worst-case scenario (you know, the one we all think of when we see fire trucks near our house) came true.  Thank G-d, she is… Continue reading Please Help a Friend in Need