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The Time of Our Burnout, er, Joy

The fast-upcoming holiday of Sukkos (Sukkot, whatever your preference) is also known as “zman simchaseinu,” or, in English, “the Time of our Joy.”  We’re happy for a lot of reasons, like the assumption (hope, prayer, wish) that we received a favorable judgment on Rosh Hashana, and the wiping away of our sins on Yom Kippur,… Continue reading The Time of Our Burnout, er, Joy

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Pushing the Boundaries

The summer really is drawing to a close.  My Facebook feed is full of pictures of the first day of school, talk of purchasing supplies and the arrival of uniforms.  We successfully made it through Camp Mommy, took multiple road trips, added both a sandbox *and* a trampoline to our yard, and even found a… Continue reading Pushing the Boundaries

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

Giving and Getting Forgiveness

It’s traditional, after reflecting upon our actions this part year, to ask forgiveness of those we’ve hurt.  Honestly, this is not my favorite thing to do.  I find it awkward and embarrassing.  I’m not talking about the “please mochel me” you’ll say to your husband or your best friend.  We know they forgive us for… Continue reading Giving and Getting Forgiveness

Torah Tuesdays

Torah Tuesdays: Rosh HaShanah davening with small children afoot

I recently started davening  from a siddur again after a long stretch of it not being feasible.  Though I definitely have had finer moments with my concentration level, I’m happy to at least do what I can. Weekday Shemoneh Esrei?  No problemo.  Thank G-d, my kids are able to occupy themselves while I daven.  … Continue reading Torah Tuesdays: Rosh HaShanah davening with small children afoot