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Take A Look At Yourself

“When you see ill in your friend, it is your own ill that you are observing.”  -Baal Shem Tov Have you ever experienced the thing where someone really, really, really gets on your nerves, so much so that when they walk into a room your muscles tense up? And then you realize that the reason… Continue reading Take A Look At Yourself

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

Looking To The Past Before Moving Ahead To The Future

Yesterday, during the fast, I decided to peer into the archives here and see if there was any content I could post on this blog’s Facebook page. I did find this great post from four years ago that was anyways getting a ton of search traffic. I felt such a rush of emotions going through… Continue reading Looking To The Past Before Moving Ahead To The Future

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

Why Orthodoxy?

After deciding to actively get involved with Judaism, the most logical starting place seemed to be at a synagogue.  My scant knowledge of these houses of worship was derived mainly from my childhood piano recitals, held in the synagogue my teacher attended. I faced an unexpected array of choices, having only recently learned that there are three main… Continue reading Why Orthodoxy?

Torah Tuesdays

Torah Tuesdays: What’s the purpose of life?

Depending on where I’ve been in my journey, this question has elicited a wide variety of answers. Shortly after I didn’t get into any of my grad school choices (boy, was that fun), this question led to much reading of Existential works and listening to the Smiths.  It was a crisis of being, for sure. … Continue reading Torah Tuesdays: What’s the purpose of life?


The ebb and flow of life

I don’t always notice the cycles that come around in life.  Okay, I notice the weekly cycles of cleaning up from Shabbos, figuring out what to eat for the week, shopping, cleaning, preparing for Shabbos and, of course, Shabbos!  I also notice the daily cycles of getting Little Man ready for school, putting the baby… Continue reading The ebb and flow of life