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Making Inspiration Last

As some of you might know, I was just in Israel for an incredible nine-day tour, jam-packed with classes, touring, learning, pampering, connecting, and all the good things you’d want in a trip. Dini Coopersmith’s Women’s Reconnection Trip was just fantastic, and I can’t recommend it enough (full disclosure: I was part of the itinerary,… Continue reading Making Inspiration Last

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

I Feel Guilty About Not Living in Israel

Last month I wrote this piece on Kveller about my kids’ obsession with Christmas decorations, and I noticed an interesting trend in responses, which prompted me to post this status update on Facebook: That led to a bunch of comments, mostly from chutzniks (people who live outside of Israel), though a few Israeli friends chimed… Continue reading I Feel Guilty About Not Living in Israel

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

Why I Changed My Mind About Using Social Media to Support Israel

When I was in college, I thought Israel was this crazy aggressive country. Like, ridiculously, over-the-top, oppressive and out of line aggressive. This was because whenever I heard about it in the news, it was always taking some harsh action against the Palestinians. I had no personal allegiance to Israel, and took the news at… Continue reading Why I Changed My Mind About Using Social Media to Support Israel

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

What to Read, Watch or Listen to on Tisha B’Av

There was a time when I would mark the beginning of the Three Weeks by going to the library and checking out an armful of Holocaust books.  By the time Tisha B’Av came around, I would be appropriately sobered by my reading.  That was back when I was single, and had little demands on my… Continue reading What to Read, Watch or Listen to on Tisha B’Av

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

Why the Current Conflict in Israel is Old News

For the past few weeks I haven’t spent much time online.  My Facebook feed has basically turned into, to take a turn of phrase from Pop Chassid, Israelbook.  I cannot go on there without being absolutely bombarded with articles, clips, memes, infographics, etc., about the current sad state of affairs. Of course, I have the… Continue reading Why the Current Conflict in Israel is Old News

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

When it’s Time to Give Back

We were on vacation for the last ten or so days, visiting my parents, doing what I consider to be an American tradition:  The cross-country road trip.  It was very refreshing.  So much so that even though my re-emergence into normal life included a Motzei Shabbos clean-up involving one area rug, a blanket, a pillowcase,… Continue reading When it’s Time to Give Back

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

Before Our Feelings Fade

The first thing I did was cry when I heard the heart wrenching news that the three kidnapped boys in Israel were not just kidnapped, but murdered.  Almost the next thing I did was get off of Facebook.  I just couldn’t.  I didn’t want to comment, I didn’t want to read comments or links to… Continue reading Before Our Feelings Fade


How I met my husband

Today is the 10-year anniversary of 9/11.  I feel funny about posting something without making reference to this national milestone.  My husband and I met almost 6 years after the tragic events of that day, and by then, life had largely returned to what is the new normal.  For people more closely connected with the… Continue reading How I met my husband

Torah Tuesdays

Torah Tuesdays: Reposting with Care

Today’s Torah Tuesdays (say that one three time fast) is coming to you on the late side, as I just got home from a shiur given by Rabbi Yaakov Marcus of Neve (awesome!!!), who is currently in town. I’ve posted before about how what we say and how we behave affects people.  But how about… Continue reading Torah Tuesdays: Reposting with Care

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

Using social media in a positive way, part one

Recently, Ima 2 Seven posted about an article she had read on where a social media mommy was on the verge of cutting the internet out of her home.  As a response to the article, Chana Jenny at shared how she has developed healthy limits for internet use. Reading these posts made me… Continue reading Using social media in a positive way, part one