Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

New (Jewish) Year, New You

Here we are, on the other side of all those holidays. Whew! Anyone else feeling their head spinning? Just me? I don’t think it’s just me. It was, as usual, a rollicking, hectic, wonderful, uplifting, stressful, overwhelming, inspiring month. There were high highs and low lows and now we are back to our scheduled programming… Continue reading New (Jewish) Year, New You

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

Quick Thoughts For Elul 5779

It is that time of year again, time for the crunch of needing to prepare spiritually while having so much to do physically. It’s a common dilemma, especially for those of us who are in charge of cooking, baking, shopping and all the details of running a household. I’ve written about it for Jew In… Continue reading Quick Thoughts For Elul 5779

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Anatomy of a Super Salad, & a Rosh Hashanah Blog Party!!!

When Miriam over at Overtime Cook contacted me about participating in a Rosh Hashana Blog Party, I was excited, but then I thought, “hmmmm,  this seems like a food blog thing, and my blog isn’t really a food blog.”  I mean, I don’t take pretty pictures of food, and I don’t do recipes.  I just… Continue reading Anatomy of a Super Salad, & a Rosh Hashanah Blog Party!!!