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Out Of Our Hands

Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands.       Anne Frank When I am having a bad day, making many parenting mistakes, despairing of the example I’m setting, this quote gives me encouragement. When I am feeling proud… Continue reading Out Of Our Hands

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An Escape Room With A Jewish Flavor

It was a pleasure to receive this fascinating post about an unusual and interesting Jewish entertainment venue that Gamliel Beyderman sent me late this summer. I would love to do this someday! You can check out his Facebook page here. Wishing you all a ksiva v’chasima tovah, a good and sweet new year, full of… Continue reading An Escape Room With A Jewish Flavor

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“Soon By You” is the Web Series Orthodox Jews Have Been Waiting For

Hi! Welcome to my blog! Maybe you just came to read about the excellent web series “Soon By You,” but you are certainly welcome to stay and read a little more about the truth about feeding small children, maybe get a little inspired by a shift in perspective, or just laugh about the time I had to disassemble my oven. If you… Continue reading “Soon By You” is the Web Series Orthodox Jews Have Been Waiting For

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I Feel Guilty About Not Living in Israel

Last month I wrote this piece on Kveller about my kids’ obsession with Christmas decorations, and I noticed an interesting trend in responses, which prompted me to post this status update on Facebook: That led to a bunch of comments, mostly from chutzniks (people who live outside of Israel), though a few Israeli friends chimed… Continue reading I Feel Guilty About Not Living in Israel


My Daughter, Jewish Aggressor

One thing I’ve enjoyed about living on the east coast is proximity to so many interesting places. Growing up in the midwest meant a drive of at least three hours to get to another metropolitan area, and sometimes that metropolitan area was still on the small side (I’m thinking of you, Des Moines). We’re in… Continue reading My Daughter, Jewish Aggressor

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Beyond Europe – A Review of Pepper, Silk & Ivory: Amazing Stories about Jews and the Far East

This book is clearly a labor of love.  For over forty years, Rabbi Marvin Tokayer has been collecting anecdotes and histories of Jews in the Far East.  With the help of Dr. Ellen Rodman, the rich information he has gathered is presented in the 23 chapters of Pepper, Silk & Ivory: Amazing Stories about Jews and… Continue reading Beyond Europe – A Review of Pepper, Silk & Ivory: Amazing Stories about Jews and the Far East

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What is Eco Kosher and Why Does it Matter?

I get a regular amount of guest post requests from various blogs/companies, and usually it’s pretty “meh.”  Form emails and spammy and all that.  Robots, maybe (not the cool kind, though).   But the other week, I got a very pleasant email from Anabelle Harari, and I took notice.  She proposed a guest post on… Continue reading What is Eco Kosher and Why Does it Matter?

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Songs of Purim

Purim is almost upon us (it’s this Thursday, in case you were unaware)!!  It’s an exciting holiday, full of fun, giving charity, eating  yummy food, dressing up in costumes, and revelry in general.  If you would like to read up on what Purim is all about, here’s an informative article from Aish.com. Anyways, I had… Continue reading Songs of Purim

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Keeping the mitzvos in mind

When I was a seminary (and immediately post-seminary) girl, I spent a lot of time preparing for the different holidays that arise during the Jewish year.  I would attend classes, read books, refresh myself on the laws of the specific holiday, and, in general, imbue my experience with as much meaning as I could.  I remember thinking… Continue reading Keeping the mitzvos in mind

Torah Tuesdays

Torah Tuesdays: Get good directions

Last night I got all turned around as I was attempting to locate a new babysitter’s house.  I had printed off directions from Mapquest, but, as it happens sometimes, they weren’t entirely clear.  To be fair, Mapquest has nice little clues like “such-and-such street comes before the street you want” and “if you passed this-or-that… Continue reading Torah Tuesdays: Get good directions