The ABC’s of Parenting Small Children

If you look in the children’s section of the library, you’re likely to find a number of “ABC’s of” books on myriad topics.  If this post were a book, I would probably include it in the adult non-fiction section.  I don’t think the kids would appreciate it very much.  But maybe they would. I was… Continue reading The ABC’s of Parenting Small Children


Successful Grocery Shopping with Two Little Kids

Generally speaking, I avoid going to the store with both my kids.   I usually do my grocery shopping in the morning when it’s just me and the baby, while Little Man is in school.  I rarely go at night (read: alone), since I’m usually wiped and in no mood to go out of the house. … Continue reading Successful Grocery Shopping with Two Little Kids

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Cooking experiences and evolutions

Last September my friend Katie was interviewed on the blog Cooking Manager.  I read the interview and fell in love with the blog!  I was happy to be interviewed for the blog this week (which you can read here), and hope that you enjoy Cooking Manager as much as I do.  It is full of… Continue reading Cooking experiences and evolutions


Some much-needed me time

Recently, one of my friends offered to watch my baby while Little Man is at playgroup.  That meant I would be child-free for TWO HOURS.  I was wondering aloud what I should do with this precious, precious time, mulling over my options: doing laundry; rinsing out the dirty (cloth) diapers; organizing the table o’ junk;… Continue reading Some much-needed me time