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Learning Through Painful Experiences

I was commenting last night to my husband how so many of my pieces over the years have come about because I’ve been finding some way to deal with, manage and grow through painful personal experiences. It’s actually one of the things I like best about Judaism, that there are just so many tools to… Continue reading Learning Through Painful Experiences

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

Life is Short; Make the Most of It

“…one who runs from honor will have it pursue him.” – Talmud (Eruvin 13b) This phrase came up a number of times last week as we clung to family following the tragic passing of my sister-in-law, Ahuva*, a”h.  She was a tremendous woman, someone who loved Torah and mitzvos and strived to observe them in… Continue reading Life is Short; Make the Most of It

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

Acting Nobly in the Face of Disaster

You may or may not be aware that wildfires have been ravaging Texas.  Over 700 homes have been destroyed since last Sunday, and there have been 2 causalities to date.   It is the worst fire season in state history, and though the firefighters are doing a valiant job, the fires are still burning, and weather… Continue reading Acting Nobly in the Face of Disaster

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

Please Help a Friend in Need

A girl I know from seminary recently lost everything she owns in an apartment fire.  Like, everything.  She came home to see fire trucks parked outside her building, and then the worst-case scenario (you know, the one we all think of when we see fire trucks near our house) came true.  Thank G-d, she is… Continue reading Please Help a Friend in Need

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

Senselessness and Comfort

After what happened this week to that poor little boy, I, and many people that I know, are feeling frustrated and saddened by the senselessness and horror. These past couple of days I’ve felt guilty for making a small joke, or playing with my boys, or being frustrated by their normal antics.  How is it… Continue reading Senselessness and Comfort