You Are Doing Just Fine

My kids’ school has this excellent program called “Social Skills.” It teaches them very useful concepts like not interrupting, “friendly talk,” “brave talk,” and other ways of learning how to be in the world, how to deal with their feelings in a healthy way. I love this program because it presents these concepts to kids in… Continue reading You Are Doing Just Fine

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

“Soon By You” is the Web Series Orthodox Jews Have Been Waiting For

Hi! Welcome to my blog! Maybe you just came to read about the excellent web series “Soon By You,” but you are certainly welcome to stay and read a little more about the truth about feeding small children, maybe get a little inspired by a shift in perspective, or just laugh about the time I had to disassemble my oven. If you… Continue reading “Soon By You” is the Web Series Orthodox Jews Have Been Waiting For


The Only Thing That Is Keeping Me Sane

I’m getting that colorful beachball of doom again on my laptop. The spinning wheel that portends potential crashing and loss of many, many precious files. Unless things are backed up, which they mainly are on my laptop, except for, ironically, my pictures, which are practically the only thing I value on here. My life has… Continue reading The Only Thing That Is Keeping Me Sane


Music for Fall Days

It has been ages and ages since I last wrote about music (here’s the most recent post).  Thanks to Sarah’s comment on the blog’s Facebook page sharing that she liked my posts with musical clips, and hoped I would do more, I’m doing more!  This one’s for you, Sarah. I’ve also been greatly enjoying Sarah Zadok’s… Continue reading Music for Fall Days