Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

Good Deeds for Recovery from Illness

Unfortunately, Ayala Pamela bas Leah (Pamela Nagy Weisfeld) passed away today (August 20th).  We can still do good deeds as a merit for her soul.  May her family be comforted, and may we only share in simchas. Some upsetting news came down through the Facebook grapevine yesterday: Pamela was at Neve at the same time… Continue reading Good Deeds for Recovery from Illness


Completely Amazing

Little Man is about 18 months old.  Some of his favorite expressions include, “Whoooooaaaaaaaaahh!” “Noooo!” “Uh-oh.” and “Oh no!” He is a source of endless amusement. One of my friends just had her first baby (Mazel Tov!), and remarked how it’s not possible to describe that amazing transition from non-mother to mother.  So true.  I… Continue reading Completely Amazing