Ten Stages Of Parenting A Challenging Child

Most parents have hopes and dreams for their children. We want them to be happy, to be emotionally balanced and successful in their lives, in their relationships, in making a living, in finding a place in a community. To get married, start a family. To find the same connection to G-d that we have. Most… Continue reading Ten Stages Of Parenting A Challenging Child


From Nothing To All The Things: BuJo Update

Remember this post when I revealed to you just how off the BuJo wagon I had fallen? All those large swaths of empty unused pages. All that missed opportunity to be even more organized! Well, my friends, has the pendulum swung in the completely opposite direction (I feel like that could be a memoir for… Continue reading From Nothing To All The Things: BuJo Update


Alternatives To Cereal For Dinner

A frequent permissive point I make about living the life of a creative mother is that choosing to serve cereal for dinner is a perfectly valid option. It’s a sort of battle cry for overwhelmed mothers of small children. We are tired, we are beleaguered, we don’t have neither the time nor energy to make… Continue reading Alternatives To Cereal For Dinner

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

Filling Up Our Cardboard Boxes

A couple Shabboses ago my husband and I had a discussion about what it means to fulfill your potential. I always think big REALLY BIG (though, honestly, not so super big) and so if I’m not doing something that’s reaching a lot of people I feel like I’m not doing all I can. But then we… Continue reading Filling Up Our Cardboard Boxes


The Only Thing That Is Keeping Me Sane

I’m getting that colorful beachball of doom again on my laptop. The spinning wheel that portends potential crashing and loss of many, many precious files. Unless things are backed up, which they mainly are on my laptop, except for, ironically, my pictures, which are practically the only thing I value on here. My life has… Continue reading The Only Thing That Is Keeping Me Sane


Getting the Hang of this Motherhood Thing

Would it surprise you to know that, growing up, I never gave much thought to being a mother?  I wasn’t a girl who obsessed with dolls or ooo’d and aaah’d over babies.  I mean, I though babies were cute and all, but after a babysitting experience in my late teens where the child was inconsolable… Continue reading Getting the Hang of this Motherhood Thing


The Mommy Wars – Guest Post at Beltway Buzz

  In the comments of blogs and Facebook statuses (stati?) there are wars occurring between mothers.  What about? Parenting choices.  Methods which are accepted wholeheartedly by one portion of the population are considered neglect, abuse or worse by another. I’m kind of a live-and-let-live gal when it comes to these things, and I have been… Continue reading The Mommy Wars – Guest Post at Beltway Buzz


The Truth About Motherhood

Just the other day I had one of those blissed-out mommy moments.  The kind where I was enjoying motherhood so much it was euphoric.  My baby was happily babbling, telling me all about the train he was playing with, helping me open the blinds, cheerfully toddling about the apartment, wide grin on his adorable face.… Continue reading The Truth About Motherhood