The Power of Music: an Experiment in Film

Everyone pretty much agrees that music can be extremely potent.  I’ve been moved to tears on multiple occasions (and not even because of hormones, haha).  People have playlists for working out, playlists for yoga, playlists for a bad mood, a good mood, cleaning, and anything else you could probably think of.  Music can move us.… Continue reading The Power of Music: an Experiment in Film


Does your Daddy know you’re here?

Here’s a musical memory from nearly a decade ago (oh wow).  Enjoy!  Immediately after I graduated with my Bachelor’s in Music Performance, I found myself in a musically shiftless situation.  I no longer had the benefit of ensembles to play with, and I also didn’t have the advantage of knowing people in town to jam… Continue reading Does your Daddy know you’re here?


Giveaway Winners of Chanale’s newest album!

I was so happy to see the great response to this giveaway (and I know Chanale was also thrilled!).  Thanks to everyone who participated and shared it. The winners, picked through a random number generator, are: Chana S., who said “I love listening to music when I’ working…” and Miry, who said “I love music… Continue reading Giveaway Winners of Chanale’s newest album!

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Songs of Chanukah

I’m happy to be participating in #HanukkahHoopla, organized by the wonderful Renee A. Schuls-Jacobson.  Go and check out her blog, Lessons by Teachers and Twits  where she not only has a great explanation of what #HanukkahHoopla is all about, but she has her own contributing post today!   We love music in our home.  Little… Continue reading Songs of Chanukah

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Day To Disconnect Review

Last Sunday, Tzom Gedalia (October 2nd), I participated in the Day To Disconnect, a movement to encourage people to put down their tech and connect with people the old-fashioned way, face-to-face. I decided to share my experience with a vlog!  The sound quality is not as great as I would like; apologies for that.  I’d… Continue reading Day To Disconnect Review


Redefining Homemaker

Some of you may be aware that I’m a fan of traditionalism in marriage, and that I can be a little old-fashioned at times.  After reading my friend Chavi’s guest post, I realized that even though I do think that the traditional model has a lot of merit, I don’t fit quite so neatly into… Continue reading Redefining Homemaker


I am a rock-star mommy (and you can be one, too)

As my Cleveland readers know, I’m in a band.  We have drums, guitar (acoustic and electric), keyboard, clarinet/sax/flute and three-part harmony (sometimes).  We do some covers and some original works.  We rock, if I do say so myself.  We even have a Facebook page. We have a large-scale concert coming up (think 300-400 people), and… Continue reading I am a rock-star mommy (and you can be one, too)

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It’s totally okay not to be perfect. Really.

Hello, my name is Rivki, and I’m a perfectionist. I think it has something to do with being a classically trained musician.  Either I was already a perfectionist at birth, or it was a result of spending hour upon hour in a practice room, perfecting one measure at a time.  Imagine: “No!  I’m still missing… Continue reading It’s totally okay not to be perfect. Really.