Maybe I Shouldn’t Have Internet in My Home

So, it’s Elul.  It’s that time of year for introspection, and thoughts of self-improvement, and taking a good, hard look at what’s been working for us and what hasn’t been.  Rosh Chodesh came and went, and amid the hubbub of moving and having all my kids home with me all day, I was feeling kind… Continue reading Maybe I Shouldn’t Have Internet in My Home


Five Things I’ve Learned from Candy Crush Saga

This post is largely inspired by my friend Ruchi’s post about Words With Friends. I used to be obsessed with Words With Friends, but it has been dramatically overtaken by my new obsession with Candy Crush Saga.  Even though I play a lot, I haven’t entirely figured out the appeal.  Neither has my husband, who… Continue reading Five Things I’ve Learned from Candy Crush Saga

Perspectives of Marriage

Home is where we are

Shoshana Rubli is a wife, first-time mommy, voice/dance teacher, performer, and part-time blogger at We Will Be Like Dreamers. Originally from NJ, she now resides in Jerusalem- where she and Rivki were roommates in seminary. She is happy to be sharing ‘space’ with her again! We moved this week. We found an apartment on Erev… Continue reading Home is where we are


You’re really a housewife, aren’tcha?

After Shabbos, I had the opportunity to speak with my “Aunt” Ruth (she’s really my mom’s aunt, which makes her, what, my great-aunt?  I don’t know.  We just call her Aunt Ruth).  It was just a quick on-and-off conversation, you know, some how-are-you-doings and how’s-the-weathers.  In between the requisite niceties, she mentioned that my mom… Continue reading You’re really a housewife, aren’tcha?


It’s like a three-ring circus over here

That’s how it feels sometimes to have two kids under the age of two. [spotlight on Ring #1.  The emcee’s voice rings out over the stadium] In the first ring we have our toddler, Little Man, awake and ready to face the day!  Who will get him from his crib?  What will he have for… Continue reading It’s like a three-ring circus over here

Home stuff

The dream and the reality: our second car

We lasted over two years with one car.  If I needed to go anywhere, I would bundle up the baby and hoof it.  I went to the library, the grocery store, the butcher, the bookstore, the health food shop, basically, everywhere.  This arrangement worked out fairly well, except for a few notable occasions: Doctor’s appointments.… Continue reading The dream and the reality: our second car

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

the aroma of actions

What if everything we did in private had a public manifestation, so that our behavior would be broadcast to everyone who saw us?  Like with smoking, for instance.  Even though a person may not be presently holding a cigarette (or cigar, pipe etc.), there is an odor which lingers on the clothing, the hair, the… Continue reading the aroma of actions


what? yes. huh?

Basically, that’s where I’m holding. Earlier today, I meant to start a sentence with the words, “My husband,” and instead said, “My father.” I also picked up a pack of diaper wipes which beautifully display various Disney princesses…for my 13-month-old son. Not that he cares. I just usually try to get cars, or something gender… Continue reading what? yes. huh?