What I Learned From A Month With My Bullet Journal

Like many people, I do so much better when there are tangible goals that I have written down and have some level of accountability to. It reminds me of the time that I was in Rabbi Nivin’s Chabura, I was wildly productive then. Also like many people, I often feel like I do not have… Continue reading What I Learned From A Month With My Bullet Journal


Year in Review – 2012 in the Married Lane

Well well well.  The world didn’t end (shocker), but the (Gregorian) year is about to.  In the spirit of reflection, I thought I would go back through the year and see what happened  in my own little corner of the blogosphere. I kicked off the year with a discussion of  how I cover my hair.  Surprisingly, a… Continue reading Year in Review – 2012 in the Married Lane

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

Rosh Hashanah Cards Giveaway!

I love getting cards in the mail.  When I see an envelope addressed to me (and that it’s not a bill or donation request), I get really excited.  In this day and age of quick results and instant gratification, there’s something touching about someone taking the time to pick out a card, write a thoughtful… Continue reading Rosh Hashanah Cards Giveaway!

Torah Tuesdays

Torah Tuesdays – It’s all good

I am a bit behind on preparations for Rosh Hashanah (understatement), and I’m sure everyone who is preparing is also quite busy, so thank you for stopping by! Above my kitchen sink is my “wall of inspiration.”  It’s a collection of quotes and advice which I find helpful to meditate on while washing dishes, or… Continue reading Torah Tuesdays – It’s all good