Top Four Essential Breastfeeding Supplies

A few days ago, as I was nursing the baby, the phone rang.  I got up, still nursing, walked over and answered the phone.  It was my husband, and when I told him what I was doing, we both laughed.  Nursing child #4 is very different compared to child #1! With my first, I would… Continue reading Top Four Essential Breastfeeding Supplies


Have a newborn? Try Cumulative Sleeping

As anyone who has ever had a newborn will attest, sleep is a rare, precious commodity.  When nursing either on a schedule or on demand, it can feel like every time you turn around, the baby needs to be fed again.  And again.  And again. In addition to the seemingly endless cycle of feeding, there… Continue reading Have a newborn? Try Cumulative Sleeping


Things newborns like to do

Waiting for a clean diaper to make it dirty I change his diaper and once he’s covered with the nice, clean, dry diaper, he makes a poo, and I have to change him again before putting him down to nap.  It’s like he has a preference for a non-wet diaper for his bathroom needs.  What’s… Continue reading Things newborns like to do