What Does Being Normal Mean?

When we were first developing our podcast, Normal Frum Women, we knew our first episode was going to address the complicated concept of the word “normal.” That was a given. Whether it’s a word you identify with or a word you avoid, chances are, it’s a word you think about (Alex actually wrote that line!… Continue reading What Does Being Normal Mean?

bujo · Miscellany

BuJo Update: The End Of An Era

I’ve felt it coming for a little while now. The spark of joy when making my spreads was a little less, the feeling of it being a chore was a little greater. But I didn’t want to acknowledge that. I’ve been doing bullet journaling for more than two years (the first time I wrote about… Continue reading BuJo Update: The End Of An Era

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

On Not Fearing Those Who Are Different Than You

{Did you know that I’m doing a daily video series for the month of Elul?  Very, very short videos (less than two minutes long).  You can subscribe to my YouTube channel, or see them on my blog’s Facebook page (if Facebook decides to reveal them to you), or on Twitter, or contact me to be added to… Continue reading On Not Fearing Those Who Are Different Than You

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

Lose the Label

My family moved St. Louis while I was a freshman in college.  After graduation, I settled there (specifically in my parent’s basement) and discovered a quirky regional obsession with high schools.  St. Louisans love to ask where you went to high school.  Love it.  Not having attended high school in St. Louis, I viewed this… Continue reading Lose the Label