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What is Eco Kosher and Why Does it Matter?

I get a regular amount of guest post requests from various blogs/companies, and usually it’s pretty “meh.”  Form emails and spammy and all that.  Robots, maybe (not the cool kind, though).   But the other week, I got a very pleasant email from Anabelle Harari, and I took notice.  She proposed a guest post on… Continue reading What is Eco Kosher and Why Does it Matter?

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With Ingredients You can Pronounce

Interestingly, there are no guidelines by the FDA or USDA which define “natural foods.”  Apparently, since all food require some degree of processing, either mechanically, chemically or by temperature, it’s tricky to decide what exactly constitutes “natural.”  (Organic foods do have parameters and certification, by the way)(Wikipedia-Natural Foods). What this means for all of us… Continue reading With Ingredients You can Pronounce