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Ten Years of Being a Jew

Yesterday was the English anniversary of the day I converted to Judaism. It’s been ten years. That’s the kind of milestone that leads to introspection. And I did introspect yesterday, for about twenty seconds before my attention got pulled in a million different directions, as usual. Today, since I have a lot of household tasks… Continue reading Ten Years of Being a Jew

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Why I Love Restrictions

Yesterday I saw an advertisement for a vacation to Tasmania. It extolled the beauty of the land’s rugged landscape as well as the friendliness and easygoing disposition of the local population. When I read about far-flung places, I image what it would take for us to go there. The logistics of traveling with four small… Continue reading Why I Love Restrictions

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How Does Judaism Affect My Marriage? New Orthodox Women Talk!

Hello hello! It’s been a while since we had a round of Orthodox Women Talk, where several women share their own perspective on things that you ask. You can check out some of the previous questions and answers here. This week’s question was: How does Judaism shape your marriage? My response got lost in the… Continue reading How Does Judaism Affect My Marriage? New Orthodox Women Talk!

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Why Orthodoxy?

After deciding to actively get involved with Judaism, the most logical starting place seemed to be at a synagogue.  My scant knowledge of these houses of worship was derived mainly from my childhood piano recitals, held in the synagogue my teacher attended. I faced an unexpected array of choices, having only recently learned that there are three main… Continue reading Why Orthodoxy?

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Orthodox Women Talk: Round Two

Hello and welcome to the second installation of Orthodox Women Talk!  You have questions about living an Orthodox Jewish life, we, a panel of Orthodox women answer them.  If you missed last week’s post, you can find it here. Much gratitude to Keshet Starr for coming up with this concept!  Have a question?  Leave it in… Continue reading Orthodox Women Talk: Round Two

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Why I’m Not a Fan of Memoirs About Leaving Religious Life

First things first, the winner of the giveaway for a copy of Tamar Ansh’s new Passover cookbook for children is Keshet Star, who has great recipe for toffee bars her friend’s mom handed down to her.  Congrats!  I’ve sent you an email, so please respond within 24 hours so I can send you a copy.  … Continue reading Why I’m Not a Fan of Memoirs About Leaving Religious Life

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A Segulah to Get Married

Disclaimer:  I did lots of linking to the glossary this week, as this post is pretty heavy on the Yiddish and Hebrew vocab.  I usually make an effort to use English where possible, but this week’s subject matter didn’t really allow for that.  I’ll try to make next week’s post more English-based.  Dating.  Did you groan when you… Continue reading A Segulah to Get Married

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Why Religious Hypocrisy Isn’t A Deal Breaker For Me

{Howdy!  This post is up on in a revised form.  If you wanna read it, go here}   I don’t really feel like writing.  There are a number of excuses I could use:  There’s a lot of housework to do; it’s a beautiful day out; my nails are too long (no, really, it bothers me when… Continue reading Why Religious Hypocrisy Isn’t A Deal Breaker For Me