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Learning Through Painful Experiences

I was commenting last night to my husband how so many of my pieces over the years have come about because I’ve been finding some way to deal with, manage and grow through painful personal experiences. It’s actually one of the things I like best about Judaism, that there are just so many tools to… Continue reading Learning Through Painful Experiences


Man plans (for an epidural), G-d laughs

I know it’s a little crazy to be sitting at my computer typing right now, but I’m in that honeymoon phase of having a baby where the sleep deprivation is enough to make me feel loopy and creative but not completely destroyed.  That’s usually next week and/or the week after, from previous experience. There’s also… Continue reading Man plans (for an epidural), G-d laughs

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

Before Our Feelings Fade

The first thing I did was cry when I heard the heart wrenching news that the three kidnapped boys in Israel were not just kidnapped, but murdered.  Almost the next thing I did was get off of Facebook.  I just couldn’t.  I didn’t want to comment, I didn’t want to read comments or links to… Continue reading Before Our Feelings Fade


Why I Don’t Like “How Are You?”

It seems like such a harmless question; people toss it around like it’s nothing.  Hi, how are you?  It’s basically just an extension of the greeting.  I say it myself all the time.  Hihowareyou?  The expected response is something like “fine,” or “good, thank you.”  When someone steps outside those parameters, there’s usually an awkward… Continue reading Why I Don’t Like “How Are You?”

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

What’s Religion Doing in My Closet?

One of the things that most appeals to me about Judaism is its attention to detail and its involvement in daily life.  It’s not just something I do once a week, or on the holidays, or when I’m overcome by a feeling of religious fervor.  It’s not something only the priestly class is involved with.… Continue reading What’s Religion Doing in My Closet?

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

Senselessness and Comfort

After what happened this week to that poor little boy, I, and many people that I know, are feeling frustrated and saddened by the senselessness and horror. These past couple of days I’ve felt guilty for making a small joke, or playing with my boys, or being frustrated by their normal antics.  How is it… Continue reading Senselessness and Comfort


Really Little Man’s Birth: the rest of the story (as requested)

This post is for Meira. This is the rest of the story of Really Little Man’s birth. It’s not really gross or anything, but maybe a little heavy on the details.  You have been warned. We left off with my doctor ordering a pitocin drip for me.  I was nervous because I had heard that… Continue reading Really Little Man’s Birth: the rest of the story (as requested)