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On Not Rushing Things, and a Kids’ Passover Cookbook Giveaway!

This morning I thought I locked myself out of the house.  I wanted to warm up the car before the kids got in it, but I had to use the set of car keys that doesn’t have a house key on it, because I needed the set with the house key to, you know, lock… Continue reading On Not Rushing Things, and a Kids’ Passover Cookbook Giveaway!


Giveaway: Let My RV Go! A Frum Pesach Novel.

Well, Pesach is just two weeks away!  Some of us are up to our ears in preparations, and others of us are still in denial waiting a bit longer to begin.  My friend Ruchi has an excellent post on doing Pesach cleaning in one day and maintaining one’s sanity.  Chaya Kurtz has a guest post on… Continue reading Giveaway: Let My RV Go! A Frum Pesach Novel.

Menu Plan

Menu Planning for Pesach!

This is the first year we’re staying home for the entire Pesach.  A couple years ago, we went to my in-laws for the first days and came back chol hamoed, hosting my in-laws for the second half of Yom Tov (they are easy guests AND helped cook, so it was actually pretty fantastic).  I don’t recommend… Continue reading Menu Planning for Pesach!

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Freeing myself from a bad habit

Happy Sunday!  When I logged on this morning, I discovered that I had won the “define Heffaloftus” poll over at Renee Schuls-Jacobson’s fantastic blog.  Woohoo!  What a nice treat.  If you’re here visiting from Renee’s blog, welcome!  If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading Renee’s always interesting and entertaining blog, hop on over and… Continue reading Freeing myself from a bad habit

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The Most Important Word of the Seder

I am so thrilled to have my friend (IRL), band sistah, fellow blogger, and someone who I just all-around look up to, Ruchi Koval, guest posting today.  Ruchi has a fabulous blog, Out of the Ortho Box, that I highly recommend you go and check out.  It’s one of the only places I’ve seen on… Continue reading The Most Important Word of the Seder

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Crowdsourced Pesach Tips

It’s starting to feel like crunch time over here (and I’m not talking about all that matzah we will soon be eating).  It’s that time when I’m no longer purchasing chometz.  I’m getting creative with my dinner ideas, using up whatever is hanging around my pantry (and still edible).  And, of course, I’m cleaning and… Continue reading Crowdsourced Pesach Tips

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Let the Pesach Prep Begin!

Well, it’s definitely that time of year.  Pesach prep has begun (for some of us, at least).  In the weeks leading up to this holiday of freedom, I want to share some tips, tricks, and wisdom from around the web. It’s understood that everyone has their own preferred method of cleaning, planning, and procrastinating.  Obviously… Continue reading Let the Pesach Prep Begin!


Can I go to the break room now?

When I was in high school I had an after-school job at a local grocery store chain.  Many of my classmates also worked at this chain, and it was a good way to make a little extra money.  State policy dictated that for every three hours worked, an employee must have a ten-minute break.  Our… Continue reading Can I go to the break room now?

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Keeping the mitzvos in mind

When I was a seminary (and immediately post-seminary) girl, I spent a lot of time preparing for the different holidays that arise during the Jewish year.  I would attend classes, read books, refresh myself on the laws of the specific holiday, and, in general, imbue my experience with as much meaning as I could.  I remember thinking… Continue reading Keeping the mitzvos in mind