Does your Daddy know you’re here?

Here’s a musical memory from nearly a decade ago (oh wow).  Enjoy!  Immediately after I graduated with my Bachelor’s in Music Performance, I found myself in a musically shiftless situation.  I no longer had the benefit of ensembles to play with, and I also didn’t have the advantage of knowing people in town to jam… Continue reading Does your Daddy know you’re here?


A toddler’s perspective on the Twins from France

The Twins from France were in town recently, and having seen an example of their talents on Youtube, I was really excited to see a live performance.  We decided that I would go with Little Man, and my husband would stay home with Littler Man. We arrived earlyish and snagged good seats in the second… Continue reading A toddler’s perspective on the Twins from France


Redefining Homemaker

Some of you may be aware that I’m a fan of traditionalism in marriage, and that I can be a little old-fashioned at times.  After reading my friend Chavi’s guest post, I realized that even though I do think that the traditional model has a lot of merit, I don’t fit quite so neatly into… Continue reading Redefining Homemaker