Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

New Video Series for Elul

Well, it’s here!  Duhn duhn DUHN!  Chodesh Tov everyone, and welcome to Elul (well, technically it’s the last day of Av, but it’s still Rosh Chodesh).  This is a month of potential, of great possibility for growth, and a month where for many years, I’ve watched in dismay as the hustle and bustle of daily… Continue reading New Video Series for Elul

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

Vetting for Personal Growth

Do you know that Judaism has its own self-help book? Do you know where the term “vetting” comes from? Or why there’s always so much scandal among potential political candidates? I’m more than thrilled to write about these, and more, in a post, “Vetting for Personal Growth,” over at Partners in Torah (Remember them from this video?). So head… Continue reading Vetting for Personal Growth

Torah Tuesdays

Torah Tuedays: Random Acts of Kindness

If you haven’t checked out my Rosh Hashana Card Giveaway, you can go here and enter to win! Today’s post is about doing nice things for other people, sometimes for people we don’t know and may never meet.  The concept of doing random acts of kindness is one of my faves.  One thing I like… Continue reading Torah Tuedays: Random Acts of Kindness

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Guest Post: My kids are my mussar teachers

My friend Sindy has an amazing blog, Mussar for the Masses.  Her posts, based on the mussar she learns with my other friend, Ruchi, are reflective, thoughtful and applicable.  I always come away from her posts with a thought or two (or more) on how I can improve myself.  I’m very happy to have a… Continue reading Guest Post: My kids are my mussar teachers