The Blessing Of Routine

Finally! Finally finally! I am back! Back to all the things! Tishrei was more relentless this year, and for a few reasons that I’m not gonna get into right now, I was head-down-just-make-it-through-the-day for most of the month. It was very overwhelming and today’s resumption of a more normal and less frenetic routine (though, let’s… Continue reading The Blessing Of Routine

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

Vetting for Personal Growth

Do you know that Judaism has its own self-help book? Do you know where the term “vetting” comes from? Or why there’s always so much scandal among potential political candidates? I’m more than thrilled to write about these, and more, in a post, “Vetting for Personal Growth,” over at Partners in Torah (Remember them from this video?). So head… Continue reading Vetting for Personal Growth

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

Ah, election year

I listen to the radio a lot while I’m at home. Talk radio, as it’s called. I like the background noise and occasional mental stimulation while I’m doing dishes, or cleaning the venetian blinds, bathroom, what-have-you. If I were better (read: more spiritually upward-bound), I would be listening to shiurim (classes) on tape and calling… Continue reading Ah, election year