What To Do When You’re Not Yourself

By now, I should be a sleep-deprived zombie, barely functional and mostly incoherent. That’s typical of life with a newborn. This isn’t terribly far from reality; I am definitely not getting much consecutive sleep. But what has been the most surprising thing to me about this current postpartum experience is that I feel so much… Continue reading What To Do When You’re Not Yourself

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Accepting That You Have No Control

I love feeling like I’m in control. I like to be organized. I like to have a plan, a plan in advance. Sometimes, though, there is just no planning for things. We all know the adage “Mann Tracht, Un Gott Lacht” (Man plans, G-d laughs). I think most of us have also experienced that, on… Continue reading Accepting That You Have No Control


Who Has Energy?

Not me! You might think I have energy because I keep posting events that I’m involved with or articles I’ve written, but I’m telling you that it is a facade! I’m really just napping most of the time. The frigid winter temperatures preclude any outdoor walking, my stalwart dedication to avoiding my elliptical and exercise… Continue reading Who Has Energy?

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Learning Through Painful Experiences

I was commenting last night to my husband how so many of my pieces over the years have come about because I’ve been finding some way to deal with, manage and grow through painful personal experiences. It’s actually one of the things I like best about Judaism, that there are just so many tools to… Continue reading Learning Through Painful Experiences


Top Four Essential Breastfeeding Supplies

A few days ago, as I was nursing the baby, the phone rang.  I got up, still nursing, walked over and answered the phone.  It was my husband, and when I told him what I was doing, we both laughed.  Nursing child #4 is very different compared to child #1! With my first, I would… Continue reading Top Four Essential Breastfeeding Supplies


Man plans (for an epidural), G-d laughs

I know it’s a little crazy to be sitting at my computer typing right now, but I’m in that honeymoon phase of having a baby where the sleep deprivation is enough to make me feel loopy and creative but not completely destroyed.  That’s usually next week and/or the week after, from previous experience. There’s also… Continue reading Man plans (for an epidural), G-d laughs

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the Best Pregnancy-Related Purchase Ever, plus Round Three of Orthodox Women Talk

{The latest round of Orthodox Women Talk is up over at Rachel Eden’s blog!  We’re talking about our favorite way to infuse our lives with Judaism.  Check it out! }  It’s eight days ’til my due date.  I’m not really taking this deadline so seriously, as all of my babies have been born exactly a week… Continue reading the Best Pregnancy-Related Purchase Ever, plus Round Three of Orthodox Women Talk

Women Who Inspire Us

Women Who Inspire Us: Shelley, My Midwife

Antonia and I crossed paths when I guest posted over at Kludgy Mom.  She left a great comment, I checked out her blog, and she just seemed like the kind of woman I wanted to get to know better.  I mean, just take a look at her bio.  How could you *not* want to be friends… Continue reading Women Who Inspire Us: Shelley, My Midwife


My daughter’s birth story

Waiting.  This pregnancy was defined by it, more than my previous two.  First, I was waiting to give birth (or, at least, I was fervently wishing my body to wait) until after my mother arrived.  Then I was waiting for Shavuos to pass.  Then I was waiting for my husband to not be working the… Continue reading My daughter’s birth story