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Silver Linings of COVID-19 Break

It’s less than a month before Pesach and instead of preparing for this exciting and labor-intensive holiday, I am preparing for some exciting and labor-intensive home-schooling. That’s right, school is out for at least the next five weeks, and my five kids are all home with me, and instead of buying matzah, I’m stocking up… Continue reading Silver Linings of COVID-19 Break


Being Authentic and Loving My Housewife Life

It seems so retro, such a throwback, and a little, I don’t know, something I don’t always want to own, but, guys, I really do like being a homemaker. I’ll own that. I like it. I get pleasure from it. And I talk about that, plus how I balance my creative drive while also striving… Continue reading Being Authentic and Loving My Housewife Life

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

Why I Love Restrictions

Yesterday I saw an advertisement for a vacation to Tasmania. It extolled the beauty of the land’s rugged landscape as well as the friendliness and easygoing disposition of the local population. When I read about far-flung places, I image what it would take for us to go there. The logistics of traveling with four small… Continue reading Why I Love Restrictions

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

Budgeting Priorities – Sheitel or School?

‘Tis the season for sheitel sales.  I’m talking about the pre-Chanukah sale season, which is in full swing here.  There were at least two in Baltimore yesterday, maybe more.  As you may recall from my post on sheitels – they can be pricey.  OOOEEE!  Thankfully, it is not written in stone that one must pay… Continue reading Budgeting Priorities – Sheitel or School?

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Learn something Jewish – Win an Ipad

I’ve always enjoyed learning,  When I was in seminary, I applied myself vigorously to my studies.  I loved to learn in English, in Hebrew, on my own, with a partner, in class.  Loved it.  I wanted to keep it up forever.  In my innocent, naive single way, I imagined that I would always be able… Continue reading Learn something Jewish – Win an Ipad

Torah Tuesdays

Torah Tuesdays: Dusting off my Siddur

Ooo – my first Torah Tuesdays post since the move!  I’m excited about this. Way back when, in the single-me days (okay, it really wasn’t that long ago), I was pretty great at davening twice a day.  So great, in fact, that when I heard mommies of little kids comment on how they hadn’t davened… Continue reading Torah Tuesdays: Dusting off my Siddur


Redefining Homemaker

Some of you may be aware that I’m a fan of traditionalism in marriage, and that I can be a little old-fashioned at times.  After reading my friend Chavi’s guest post, I realized that even though I do think that the traditional model has a lot of merit, I don’t fit quite so neatly into… Continue reading Redefining Homemaker