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Silver Linings of COVID-19 Break

It’s less than a month before Pesach and instead of preparing for this exciting and labor-intensive holiday, I am preparing for some exciting and labor-intensive home-schooling. That’s right, school is out for at least the next five weeks, and my five kids are all home with me, and instead of buying matzah, I’m stocking up… Continue reading Silver Linings of COVID-19 Break


Teaching My Son To Be Himself

I can be kind of a perfectionist, so I had a major triumph last week during project time with Little Man.  Let me back up.  I had an even bigger triumphant mommy moment last week when I planned a project for us to do together.  Like, ahead of time, not just fishing for some broken… Continue reading Teaching My Son To Be Himself

Torah Tuesdays

Torah Tuesdays: Do it now

It’s beautiful out today.  This is even nicer considering the amount of rain we’ve had here for the past few weeks (a lot).  So, we went for a walk, ran an errand and played at a playground.  It was really enjoyable and relaxing.  I appreciated being able to walk with my boys without the pressure… Continue reading Torah Tuesdays: Do it now