Peach-Pecan Mini Pies

I love recipes that are quick, easy and yet look fancy.  This one definitely qualifies.  It was simple to throw together, and the results were just beautiful (and yummy, too). yield: 12 mini pies muffin tin (mine is for a dozen muffins) non-stick cooking spray 10 sheets Fillo (Phyllo) Dough 1 21-oz can Peach Pie… Continue reading Peach-Pecan Mini Pies

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June Menu Plan

Since we’re moving in less than a month (Aaaaahhhhhh!), my June menu plan’s focus is on using up everything that I have in my house.  In the fridge, the freezer, the cupboards (I found a ridiculous amount of corn meal.  Go figure).  I was not looking forward to this inventory of items.  At all.  I… Continue reading June Menu Plan


Eggplant Parmesan, or something like it

I’ve been married for nearly three years (our anniversary is next month!), and it’s only in recent months that I’ve mustered up the courage to, wait for it, make food without following a recipe.  My cookbooks were my lifeline to making edible food.  Without guidelines to follow, I felt all panicky and insecure.  How long… Continue reading Eggplant Parmesan, or something like it