Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

Making Hashem Proud – A Great Book For Kids

Reading my kids the same books over and over can get tedious, and losing books checking books out from the library can get pricey.  So when I was contacted about doing a review of a kids’ book recently released by Artscroll, I was super excited.  The book is called Making Hashem Proud*, and it’s by Chaviva Krohn Pfeiffer,… Continue reading Making Hashem Proud – A Great Book For Kids

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

Nothing “Forward” About Harassing A Woman

It’s Thursday, and I should be making food for Shabbos right now.  I’ve already posted my post for the week, and normally that’s as much as my schedule allows.  But something upsetting has happened, and I feel compelled to address it. Pop Chassid brought an alarming interview to my attention a couple days ago, and I… Continue reading Nothing “Forward” About Harassing A Woman

Perspectives of Marriage

Judaism, Feminism, and Marriage

 Hi!  Welcome to Life in the Married Lane!  If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed.  Thanks for visiting, and enjoy your stay! Katie Harris, a Cleveland native, is a freelance writer and author of the blog Midwest Mama in Israel where she discusses cooking, religion, and modern motherhood. She… Continue reading Judaism, Feminism, and Marriage