Perspectives of Marriage

Living outside of stereotypes

Chavi Cohen is a young mother of two, living in Cleveland, Ohio.  A Harvard graduate with a penchant for reading through meals and seeking out intellectual stimulation, she’s always trying to find a happy medium between mommy and me.  On her blog Harvard Housewife she writes about connecting to herself, her friends and family, and… Continue reading Living outside of stereotypes


Oh, so you married a DOCTOR?!!

It started when we got engaged.  People would ask, “So, what does your chosson do?”  I would reply, “He’s in medical school.”  Eyebrows would raise; heads would nod approvingly.  “Ah, a doctor,”  they would say. Call me naive, but I was in the dark as to what exactly was the big deal.  One of my… Continue reading Oh, so you married a DOCTOR?!!