Joy Through Hard Work

A Gut Moed! We’re in the middle of the holiday of Sukkos (Sukkot, whatever you prefer), which is also known as zman simchaseinu, the time of our joy. Maybe you don’t typically associate hard work with joy, but I wrote a piece for Hevria about that exact thing, and why I think that working hard… Continue reading Joy Through Hard Work

Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

The Time of Our Burnout, er, Joy

The fast-upcoming holiday of Sukkos (Sukkot, whatever your preference) is also known as “zman simchaseinu,” or, in English, “the Time of our Joy.”  We’re happy for a lot of reasons, like the assumption (hope, prayer, wish) that we received a favorable judgment on Rosh Hashana, and the wiping away of our sins on Yom Kippur,… Continue reading The Time of Our Burnout, er, Joy

Torah Tuesdays

Torah Tuesdays – What’s in a name?

The name given to a newborn child is eternal; it behooves one to evaluate the choice carefully. -from Rabbi Pesach Krohn’s book Bris Milah (from the Artscroll Mesorah Series). Since we just made a bris for our new son yesterday, I thought it would be appropriate for this week’s Torah Tuesday to write something concerning… Continue reading Torah Tuesdays – What’s in a name?

Torah Tuesdays

Torah Tuesdays: Who’s in control?

This topic is kind of a trend with me lately (must be some sort of pregnancy side effect).  I was searching for something on the topic of Sukkos, and I found this video on Aish.com.  While the video itself wasn’t exactly my taste, it did bring forth a message which I really feel strongly right… Continue reading Torah Tuesdays: Who’s in control?