Torah Tuesdays

Torah Tuesdays: Thinking before speaking

Because of our concert on Sunday (it was GREAT!!!!  Maybe even worth six exclamation points!!!!!!), my whole week feels off by one day.  I almost didn’t realize that it was Tuesday!  Thankfully, I did, and here is the latest TT post: I talk a lot when I’m nervous.  It’s almost involuntary.  While I am able… Continue reading Torah Tuesdays: Thinking before speaking


Translating from toddler

Language is an interesting thing.  One of the times when my parents were visiting, Little Man had just started to experiment with different consonants.  At one point he said something which sounded like “guck.”  My mom, glowing with the pride of her first grandchild’s certain genius, turned to me and gushed, “He said ‘dog!’ “… Continue reading Translating from toddler