Thwarted, or, I need a GPS

Last Monday I thought it would be fun to take Little Man to the beach.  There are supposedly some nice beaches along the shore of Lake Erie, and I did buy him a nice, reusable swim diaper, and the weather was appropriately warm for such an activity, and it might not be good weather for… Continue reading Thwarted, or, I need a GPS


Warning: Do not lead with the cheese puffs

I had a plan for Little Man’s dinner the other day.  I was warming up a very yummy (I thought) cheese sandwich in the toaster oven, but he was hungry right now.  So I put him in his high chair and gave him some of the cheese puff things that I usually reserve for bribery… Continue reading Warning: Do not lead with the cheese puffs


Picture of the Week: Forbidden Fruit

Little Man has long been obsessed with our cordless phones.  It has taken much perseverance and patience to teach him that, no, the cordless is not a toy like his toy phone which also makes noises when you press the buttons.  Recently, he discovered that he could climb atop the cedar chest and be within… Continue reading Picture of the Week: Forbidden Fruit



Being a SAHM (Stay-at-Home-Mom.  Who thought of these acronyms?  They’re both convenient and annoying) is a luxury.  After working part-time last year, I really appreciate the freedom of being at home without many outside pressures on my schedule.  I’ve also been spoiled by Little Man’s independence (do you think I could write this much if… Continue reading Priorities


Completely Amazing

Little Man is about 18 months old.  Some of his favorite expressions include, “Whoooooaaaaaaaaahh!” “Noooo!” “Uh-oh.” and “Oh no!” He is a source of endless amusement. One of my friends just had her first baby (Mazel Tov!), and remarked how it’s not possible to describe that amazing transition from non-mother to mother.  So true.  I… Continue reading Completely Amazing


The importance of scheduling

My baby wasn’t eating fantastically well…until I really got into a routine. Previously, I had been working “full-time” as a teacher (15 hours of classroom time and infinite hours of prep and grading), so every weekday I would drop off my baby at the sitter between 12:00 and 12:20 and pick him up after 4:00. … Continue reading The importance of scheduling