Teething is a Pain. Literally.

When my babies get their first teeth they somehow cease to be babies.  That yummy, toothless smile, so delightful and winsome, becomes older, more experienced.  It brings with it the promise of solid food, cruising and toddlerhood. Also sleep deprivation.  Lots of sleep deprivation. Just after my baby started sleeping beautifully, blissfully through the night,… Continue reading Teething is a Pain. Literally.

Perspectives of Marriage

The Clueless Caregiver

Nikki Flores (aka CluelessMe) first hit the blogging scene with the Clueless Newlywed blog, which was a fun light-hearted blog, cataloging the unique and clueless adventures surrounding herself and her new husband. Just because the honeymoon is over doesn’t mean the cluelessness had come to a close. Follow the story at and watch as… Continue reading The Clueless Caregiver