Maybe I Shouldn’t Have Internet in My Home

So, it’s Elul.  It’s that time of year for introspection, and thoughts of self-improvement, and taking a good, hard look at what’s been working for us and what hasn’t been.  Rosh Chodesh came and went, and amid the hubbub of moving and having all my kids home with me all day, I was feeling kind… Continue reading Maybe I Shouldn’t Have Internet in My Home

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Day To Disconnect Review

Last Sunday, Tzom Gedalia (October 2nd), I participated in the Day To Disconnect, a movement to encourage people to put down their tech and connect with people the old-fashioned way, face-to-face. I decided to share my experience with a vlog!  The sound quality is not as great as I would like; apologies for that.  I’d… Continue reading Day To Disconnect Review

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When Disconnecting means Reconnecting

You may remember my mini-series on using social media in a positive way.  I had read a post by Ima 2 Seven where she discussed a thought-provoking article about a social media mommy making the decision to cut the internet out of her home.  The whole online discussion prompted me to think about my relationship… Continue reading When Disconnecting means Reconnecting