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Guest Post: Necessity is the Mother

Much thanks to today’s guest poster, Joan Oliver Emmer, who blogs about her life as a Trophy Wife at Body of Work. I was pleased to figure out a way to avoid the trauma of stepping on the scale at the doctor’s office the other day.  While I’m not TERRIBLY unhappy with my weight, it’s not… Continue reading Guest Post: Necessity is the Mother


A Summer Smoothie

After frolicking in the park, we stopped by Whole Foods to pick up a few key items.  While in the frozen aisle, I noticed that there were kosher frozen fruits!  Strawberries, blueberries, mangoes, mixed fruit, peaches!  I’ve been craving cold and sweet lately (and successfully resisting the urge to get that pint of Ben and… Continue reading A Summer Smoothie

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My fasting baking frenzy

For some reason, every fast day fills me with an overwhelming urge to bake.  This is what I did today: Scone batter.  mmmmmmmmm. Baked yummy blueberry-pecan scones! Next up: Peanut Butter Banana Bread with Honey and Pecans. Then:  Sweet Potato and Black Bean Casserole Finally:  Crunchy French Bread The final product – made into tasty… Continue reading My fasting baking frenzy


Staying in Shape after (and before) baby

Many women struggle with weight gain during pregnancy, and then find it very difficult to shed the excess pounds once the new little one is in the world.  Babies can be very demanding, and for people whose inclination is not toward exercise (like yours truly), it makes it an even more daunting challenge.  Feeling frustrated… Continue reading Staying in Shape after (and before) baby

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How to be green without really meaning to

I’m not that worried about the environment, or my carbon footprint, or renewable energy.  Despite my apathy, I have noticed that I’m doing a pretty good job of being green.  This greenery mainly developed through frugality, or necessity.  Check it out: 1) Walking practically everywhere. Why I do it: We only have one car, and… Continue reading How to be green without really meaning to