Do the Diamante

Even though I’ve lost a number of brain cells through pregnancy and parenthood, I refuse to stop trying to use what’s left of my sleep-deprived mind!  I still enjoy reading books (and not just Dr. Seuss’ masterworks, either), dabbling in foreign languages (besides Toddler), playing music (other than the ABC song), and now, writing poetry!

As part of the Algonquin Experiment by Hippie Cahier, I drew up this little diamante (it’s a form of poetry).  It was a fun exercise; I enjoyed stretching my brain muscles a little more than usual.  Here is the end result:


by:  Rivki

Mommy and David Eliezer


vigilant, resourceful

cleaning, hugging, feeding

apron-strings, skirt, tie, suit-jacket

playing, laughing, caring

earnest, helpful


Tatty and David Eliezer


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