How To Manage Your Inner Critic

I’ve been writing regularly for long enough now (over a decade!) that you might think I never deal with self-doubt or critical thoughts or insecurities or writer’s block.


I deal with all of that, and sometimes (a lot of the time?), the more “successful” pieces I write, the more pressure I put on myself to replicate that feeling of success and then the more hopeless I become.

Fun fun!

Remember this piece I wrote about feeling professional envy? Well, I’ve been so fortunate to be writing for Hevria for a little over a year now and yet sometimes I STILL don’t feel like I’ve “earned” it (whatever that even means).

It’s incredible how loud and overpowering my inner-critic (yetzer hara, whatever you would like to call it) can be. It almost prevented me from writing my latest piece for Hevria. But I tricked it, and I tricked it good! Because guess what I wrote about? Four things I do to get past that voice of inner criticism! Haha!

Let me know what you think, and I’d love to hear any strategies you use to get past your hang-ups.


image by Drew Coffman on flickr

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