The Challenge Follow-up

You may recall my post from July 7 where I challenged myself to be presentable when my husband came home and to have dinner ready on time.  Well, I kept track for two weeks (almost) and here are the results!  I have to say that I’m pretty proud of myself.  It wasn’t always easy to be put together, but it was a fun challenge, and it was actually a little easier than I thought it would be.

As you can see, I neglected to keep track on the last three days and now I can’t recall if I succeeded or not.  Oh well.

Here are the Things that went right:

  • Did dinner prep work early on (chopping veggies, etc.)
  • Freshened up before hubby called to say he was coming home
  • Prettied up before running a late-in-the-day errand so when I came home I was set
  • Being properly dressed most of the day
  • Knew when hub was coming home (either by asking him, estimating, or having him call when he leaves work)

Here are the Things that could’ve been better:

  • Day 3 – I didn’t have my sheitel on (normal for Motzei Shabbos), but I did have nice clothes on (not pajamas).  I didn’t have havdala ready when Hub walked in the door, but I prepared it promptly.  Why wasn’t I ready?  Because I was engrossed in a novel.
  • Day 5 – I was in the middle of teaching piano lessons when Hub came home.  I could’ve had some dinner ready, but instead, there was a messy kitchen
  • Day 9 – Well, it was Erev Shabbos and Hub came home about two hours before candle lighting.  I was too busy to freshen up only to have to freshen up for Shabbos in a couple hours.  Sorry!


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