Why I don’t belong to a gym

I would like to join a gym.  I would.  I’m sure I could find an inexpensive membership.  And perhaps I could find someone to watch my kids (unless I found a gym with childcare).  Then there’s the whole question of would I really go, anyways…

Then I thought about an average day in my life and realized that I already have a great workout regimen.  The Mommy workout.  Observe:

  • abs – bending over to pick up the toys strewn over the floor
  • cardio – chasing one very active toddler
  • legs – squats to pick up the baby from his baby gym or bouncer, or to repeatedly return pacifier to said baby’s mouth
  • weight training – carrying either a 15- or 25- pound child, and sometimes both at once, sometimes including the weight of a carseat
  • upper arms – diaper changing (holding down legs with one hand while wiping the tush with the other).  Mopping up sticky juice spills
  • endurance training – pushing a stroller uphill with the baby strapped to my chest.

Who need the gym?

6 thoughts on “Why I don’t belong to a gym

  1. As a mother of two, you seem to be getting quite a workout! You surely don’t sound like you need the gym at all! :-D

    Very cute post – I like it a lot!!

  2. I don’t believe in getting into any regular exercise routine until my babies are like 6-months or so. At that point, they are a little more independent and, hopefully, are sleeping better at night. Like you, I remember that walking, chasing, diapering, and carrying little kids are all invaluable to any weight loss goals I might have. : )

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