Of Interest – May 2017

It has been so busy! And continues to be busy! But because my drive to procrastinate Yom Tov prep is so strong, I wanted to take a quick minute to let you all know about a few exciting/interesting things I’ve found/was involved with this month. And then we can move right into Yom Tov and then summer (summer!!) buoyed by the knowledge of these awesome things.


First up, Rebecca Klempner’s Binah BeTween series for kids, Glixman in a Fix, is out in book form! You can order it here! I ordered my copy and am so excited to read it to my kids. glixman


Next, Rivka Nehorai, artist, mother, all-around inspiring person, is the Creative Director of this amazing, really tremendous endeavor called ArtWarmingCards.

From their website:

Inspirational, powerful contemporary art is – and has always been – a way to bridge worlds between people.

Sadly, with the blessings of modern technology, we’ve forgotten about the lost art and power of letter writing and what it can bring to relationships.

Because back in the day, when people wrote letters to loved ones, they stamped a little piece of themselves into it.

We’ve decided to combine the two.

Each month’s ArtWarming Challenge will encourage subscribers to reach out to friends and family they may never have considered getting back in touch with.

The challenge will use clever writing prompts to encourage more creative ways to share about our lives.

Each card features a gorgeous image from different contemporary artists exploring universal themes.

The possibilities are endless.

HELLO!?!!! I love absolutely everything about this, and cannot wait to get my first ArtWarming cards!!



I wrote something for Hevria last week and totally forgot to link to it. Here it is!


The Fourth Episode of Soon By You is out! If you haven’t checked out this smart, relevant and hilarious web series yet, you can check out the first three episodes here. Also Leah Gottfried (director, co-writing, actor and producer of the series) was just on Hevriacast, and it was an amazing conversation. Plus, you may remember that her interview right here on this little blog back in the day before the series came out.


There are so many fabulous podcasts out there. I love to listen to them in the kitchen, or when tidying up. It’s a great way to learn about the world, about people, about art, about myself, etc. etc.  A college friend of mine, Tommy Estlund, who has one of the most thoughtful and productively engaging Facebook pages I’ve ever seen, recently started a podcast called The Curiosity Hour. I subscribed to it right away and was very pleased with the conversations that they had with their guests.

I was very honored when they asked me to be a guest, and totally have been having “pinch me” moments about it, like when my own name came up in my podcast feed.


Tommy and Dan, the hosts, made me feel so comfortable while talking to them that I really opened up about a lot of things that I normally don’t talk about. I talked a lot about G-d, which was surprising because I really usually shy away from it. I also talked a whole lot about my transition from Christian to Anti-Religious to Orthodox Jew. Plus some other stuff, so if you want to check it out (it feels really weird to ask you guys to go listen to me talk about myself, seriously) you can find it wherever you find your podcasts. You can listen to it while you’re cooking! Or baking! Or both! They also have a Facebook page.


That’s all I got for now. I need to make dinner and then challah and then salad and then all the other things and pick up the house and you get the idea.

Thanks for taking the time to connect today! Have a good Yom Tov to all of you who are celebrating Shavuos this week!

If you have anything you’d like to share with the world in an “Of Interest” post, just let me know! Send me an email or Facebook message or whatever and tell me about the thing that you’d like the world to know about. 



7 thoughts on “Of Interest – May 2017

  1. I can’t watch Soon by You. When I was too ill to date it just made me feel more alone and I suspect that if I tried to watch it now it would just make my own misadventures in dating seem more painful. Maybe if one day I get married I can catch up on it.

    Chag sameach!

  2. Thanks for another great post, Rivki! I enjoyed reading all of it. Especially about ArtWarming cards. Have I ever told you that I rather like receiving and sending handwritten letters and cards in the post? Just thought I’d mention it in passing. ;) Gut Yom Tov, Chag Sameach and all the best for now! Eva (letter-writing fiend) xxx

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