It was just warm here. Really. And now it’s cold. Not the get your boots on and forget about feeling your nose or extremities cold, but the oh, wow, I didn’t realize that I should really be wearing another layer cold. It’s a sneaky, surprising kind of cold. I like it. It means fall is here, and that my wardrobe expands without having to spend. Sweaters and hoodies which have waited oh so patiently for months will now have their moments to shine, or rather, to insulate. I love the nostalgic twinge at pulling “that sweater” off the rack. Oh, I remember you. How I’ve missed wearing you!

Moshe is being inducted into the overdressed baby club. Yesterday I put on a long sleeve onesie, followed by a turtle-neck onesie, followed by overalls (which had an extra layer of pants beneath) and topped off by a knit hooded sweater. Overkill? Perhaps. But at least he wasn’t cold! He’s not such a fan of all the layers, though. It’s hard enough to dress him in general, so when I keep piling on the layers, he may be wondering in dismay if I’m ever going to finish.

I’m completely sleep deprived, and have been for the last six weeks. The Baby Whisperer is on hold at the library. I want it now. I miss sleeping more than two hours in a row.

Right. Next post: in about three months, probably.


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