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I love you, Cuisinart Smart Stick

I make the equivalent of Thanksgiving every week.  It’s for Shabbos, and even though it’s usually just me, hub and little man, I still make, on average:

  • a chicken dish
  • two to three salads
  • soup
  • one to two side dishes, like kugel or veggies
  • cholent
  • dessert
  • challah

Every week.  When we’re invited out for a meal, I usually only cut out one side dish and the cholent.

This food-making entails lots of chopping of vegetables.  Since I have nice knives, it’s usually fine.  I like chopping.  It’s relaxing.  Or cathartic, depending on my mood.

from cuisinart.com

However, last Chanukah I asked my mother for an Immersion blender.  She bought me a really nice one.  A Cuisinart Smart Stick, with loads of parts/accessories.  It sat for a while, being pulled out for the occasional soup which needed pureeing.  Only recently, though, did I discover the best part/accessory ever.  It has changed my life (in the kitchen, that is).

It’s the Chopper Work Bowl (see it there, on the side of the Smart Stick?).  I love it.  I love it so much.  Why?  Because it chops my vegetables for me.  It’s quick, it’s small, it’s easy to clean, and it’s so much more convenient to pull out than my massive full-sized Cuisinart Food Processor (which I also love, though not as intensely).  I guess I should write a review (like on epinions.com, not just here).


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