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New Video Series for Elul

Well, it’s here!  Duhn duhn DUHN!  Chodesh Tov everyone, and welcome to Elul (well, technically it’s the last day of Av, but it’s still Rosh Chodesh).  This is a month of potential, of great possibility for growth, and a month where for many years, I’ve watched in dismay as the hustle and bustle of daily life has made it difficult to take advantage of this opportunity.

This year, I’m doing a series of short (very short, like under two minutes, because, well, my attention span is short, and in general, I think the attention span of the interwebs is short, too) videos with a quick Torah thought that will hopefully help elevate your month and mine as well.

I’m not going to post every video on this blog (that would just be too much), but you can follow my YouTube channel, or email me and I can send you the daily link.  I’ll also be posting it on my blog’s Facebook page (which sometimes won’t show up in your feed unless you do something along these lines – I know, annoying of Facebook to not show you things you want to see), and my Twitter account, so there’s lots of places to get it, if you’re interested.

Here’s the first episode of QTFE (Quick Thoughts for Elul):  Enjoy!  Let me know what you think!

12 thoughts on “New Video Series for Elul

  1. Hi Rivki,   Your video is amazing. I love it! Very good message. I watched it on your You Tube Channel. (how did you do that? So cool! Yikes…I’m falling behind in technology! I thought I was keeping up!!)   Just an aside — the video doesn’t work on my iphone and it doesn’t work on my laptop either. But I was able to access it on the YouTube link! So that’s the ayin tovah in this!! But I know you will fix it on the blog itself (Unless it’s just my computer that’s not working??)   Hatzlacha! Keep up the great work. I’m so inspired by you!! Miriam 


    1. Thanks! I use iMovie and then upload it to YouTube. :) I’m not sure why the video doesn’t work from the site – that is beyond my technological knowledge! Sorry. :/

  2. Rivki, this is wonderful! Thank you so much for this. This is exactly the sort of thing I need for Elul and once again I’m astounded at your generosity in finding so many ways to share your wisdom with us. Wishing you a meaningful and inspiring Elul!


    Eva x

  3. Thanks for your dedication to this. I enjoy your blog posts and the YouTube posts are an added bonus. Btw, your house is just lovely.

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